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Wanted: 50 Million Farmers

Food security is not at the top of most people’s lists of urgent concerns for 2007. Famine is not something that Americans in the 21st century are confronting as they navigate through the clutter of infotainment and consumption. But we are remarkably vulnerable, and we will confront this issue whether we care to or not. While billion-dollar industries are getting carved out of our new-found natural and organic food preferences, consumers are not dealing with the immense dangers of our current lifestyles and food systems.

Richard Heinberg’s speech to the E.F. Schumacher Society in October, posted at, is a must-read article on a vital and emergent battleground. Of course, instead of seeking technological fixes, solutions in existing technology and current practices abound.

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  1. I drive a low light Kombi. I too, love the little wave. But it’s not to be bandied about willy nilly. VW drives tend to fanatical about all those little things that make the VWs so close to our hearts; that little wave isn’t about a hunk of metal but a shared experience, a shared understanding about the cars. The drivers of the new beetles get only a part of that experince – the design of the body – so their wave seems a bit fake. However, I’m glad they do the wave because it means the vw vibe is still alive and strong. Let’s welcome them into the fold! (even if their machine isn’t air-cooled) Come on

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